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Consumer units.

consumer unit changes/swaps

NEW! - As from January 2016 all new consumer units must be fire rated (made out of now non-combustable material).

All of your property's electrics are controlled and protected by your consumer unit. Often, consumer units of older styles will require upgrading in order to facilitate other electrical changes. Whilst older consumer units do protect wiring, a new consumer unit will provide additional fire and personal protection. As part of the consumer unit installation, a full schedule of tests will be performed on your properties wiring.


Electrical Installation Condition Report (E.I.C.R.).

An EICR is an MOT for your house. You may have bought a new property and want to know how safe it is, or a landlord ensuring your tenants are safe. An EICR covers:

  • Test fixed wiring circuits
  • Test insulation on all circuits
  • Test all sockets outlets
  • Test all metal light fittings/switches for earth if required
  • Identify all switch positions
  • Check all Fused SPURs have correct fuses installed
  • Inspect visible wiring
  • IP rating of fittings in regard to external influences


General changes.

20140519 134559This could be anything from a new bank of sockets for a home office, to a new light-fitting to brighten up a dark spot: no job is too small!

All relevant certification is provided as part of the service.





20140519 140400In some cases, a full or partial rewire of a property may be required. You may have also decided to undertake this as part of a renovation to make your property work for you. We are available to provide professional guidance on the best way forward for you.





PAT (Portable Appliance Testing).


Despite the name, the appliances requiring this type of testing arent always portable! Large appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators need to undergo this testing too, in order to prove that they are as safe as possible in your home.



Electric Cooker Installation/Replacement.

20140806 154309If suitable wiring exists for an electric cooker, this can be done very quickly and easily. if the wiring is not in place, we are able to undertake all the work required to get your new electric cooker up-and-running.





Smoke Alarm installations.

QU Solutions LtdThe importance of a reliable smoke alarm system cannot be stressed enough. We can provide a variety of smoke alarm solutions, including radio-link alarms, to suit all types of property.





Electric Heating Solutions.

QU Solutions LtdThere are a variety of safe and  effective electric heating products on the market to suit properties of all shapes and sizes, including storage heaters, panel heaters and down flow heaters. We are always more than happy to be consulted on which solution is best for you




Fault detection and Diagnosis.

20140806 160453Electrical faults can occur for a variety of reasons and leaving them can be both inconvenient and potentially dangerous. There are several different types of fault, which have different consequences. we specialise in finding them with our multi-function testing equipment. please see our FAQs for more information.




Electric shower installation.

20140806 161800An electric shower is often the best solution, as they run off a single cold water feed and require no external pumping equipment.






Additional Services.

QU Solutions LtdUnlike many electrical contractors, we undertake all required preparation work for your installation. This includes the digging of trenches for outdoor cables, lifting of floorboards and movement of large items of furniture for access. We also offer a 'making good' service if required when the job is complete, this consists of applying plaster to any channels and access-holes so that they are flat to the surface of the wall of ceiling. This will then need to be sanded and fine-filled, ready for decoration.


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